derek newman

voice actor


'Derek was professional yet easy-going and a joy to work with. Fantastic actor and has an incredible ability to make you believe any character he puts on.'


- Rami Azer, Encounter Studios


"I worked with Derek to create an audio art installation for LandSlide - a large-scale, public art exhibition. I found Derek to be friendly, professional and accommodating. After a brief discussion, he understood immediately what I kind of performance I was looking for, and worked very quickly to record, master and edit the vocal tracks himself. Derek made it extremely easy for me to integrate his work into my project."


- David Han


Derek is a VO extraordinaire. Apart from great voiceover skills, Derek has very high professional standards and excellent communication. All in all - the best service ever!


- Emily, IAQCA, International Association of Qualified Cloud Accountants


"As a brightly variable character, Derek Newman can deliver performances which are nothing short of brilliant. As a video game developer, I was stunned by his ability to quickly comprehend and adapt to the voice over script adjustments posed on the fly.  If the project sets high quality benchmark and demands sophisticated vocal control, Derek certainly delivers... Derek's natural voice is highly versatile and allows plenty of workroom for creative solutions."


- Miles Thatch, Isenstadt Studio


"Derek is a great voice actor. He has an ability to make any text sound conversational.

We worked with him remotely and he delivered a professional product and met deadlines."


- Bridget Kirkwood, director, Bucko The Bull